Finding Strength

They say if you're going through hell - keep walking. 

Every life situation, no matter how difficult, holds the potential to discover a new gift, to grow and to become more of who we are truly meant to be. It's not comfortable, it's not fun - but without pressure, there's no growth. 

Yet, many of these opportunities go unseen - or we pass through them with not just pain, but unnecessary suffering. Or we run away and before we know it, we're back where we started, finding ourselves in the same situation - the universe's way of giving us another chance to move forward. And this time, there is more pain, more suffering - more incentive.

When we turn to friends for advice, they feel our pain - and they try to protect us, to keep us safe. But safety doesn't allow growth. It keeps us stuck.


"Finding strength" is about navigating life's challenges with more ease, more perspective, more skills, so we can pick up the lessons faster so that the suffering can end and the pain can ease. It's about finding the strength to walk through the fire, safely and well supported - not run away from it. 

What I Specialize In

Live through challenging times: loss, conflict, betrayal

Overcome anxiety, depression and past abuse

Live with long term health/life challenges or climate anxiety

Thrive in challenging or unusual relationships

Successful co-parenting after divorce or breakup