How to make a measurable impact and change the world while making a living in the process

​How amazing would it feel if the world was better because of you??

​Most people, when asked, want to make a difference - but in reality, very few REALLY do. 

What gets in the way is:

  • being unsure what to focus on (there are too many things that need fixing!) - or where to start

  • feeling tired and low-energy and unsure about taking on something so 'big'

  • wondering if you 'have what it takes', if you're the right person to do this

  • being bogged down by 'life' - everyday things like work, bills to pay, children... life is busy as it is

  • not getting the support you need from people that matter to you

  • not knowing how to start a non-profit, let alone an "impact business"

  • not knowing how to get other people to listen, let alone change

  • feeling anxious about the world and somewhat paralyzed

12 weeks to impact walks you through a step-by-step road map to help you discover your purpose, start an impact business (or project) that will deliver the change you want to see and help you make a living while doing what you care about most 

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Find out what it is you're here to create.

"Changing the world" sounds like a big ask. So does "making a difference".

And you know why? - Because it's a general statement. And it means absolutely NOTHING.

But what if I told you there's a very specific problem that you ALREADY know how to solve?!? And what if I told you that there are people waiting for you to do just that - and ONLY that?
​People who need your help - and people who are waiting to get behind and support YOU?

And what if just solving this particular problem - nothing else - had the potential to improve literally millions of lives, directly and indirectly? All the while creating being a model for a new way of doing things?  

And what if I told you that the most effective and powerful way of impacting the world is through a business that is specifically designed to solve this particular problem, improve the lives of others, create a measurable difference in the world - and suit YOUR lifestyle? A business that can provide the financial resources that allow you to work on your solutions full time, impact MORE lives - and generate enough surplus to give back to other causes you care about? 

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12 weeks to impact 'lands' your idea so you can really make it happen

Over 12 weeks you will work with other passionate and inspiring people to:

  • decide and get absolute clarity on what your purpose is and what to focus on - no longer get distracted 

  • design a tangible solution to an issue you care about that makes a difference to the world

  • understand your own strengths and capabilities and how to best use them

  • align and heal your inner landscape so  you can focus on impact 100% and with maximum energy

  • holistically improve in all areas of your life (relationships, health, addictions, anxiety, depression etc) and create all the energy you need to take action 

  • identify and realize funding streams and income sources for your project

  • start an impact accelerating change project or business as a full-time gig or a side hustle (even if you don't have a lot of extra time or money to invest)

  • learn how to inspire others to join and support you 

You will leave with: 

  • a very clear and concise business plan for your impact business or organisation / non-profit, including knowing how to make enough money to live and give back

  • the ability to communicate your mission effectively and find all the clients or funders you need

  • a custom-made transition plan to move from where you are now to being able to work on your project full time (or make it sustainable and impactful as a part-time side gig)

  • A ton of new energy and motivation to really make things happen in a big way!!!!

  • Established routines and practices that support your inner and outer well being

  • Oh and - yeah: some new friends who are as amazing and passionate as you are!