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Welcome to the life you're

meant to live. 

Do you sometimes wonder whether you're even in the right life? Whether there is something else you could

(or: should?) be doing - or experiencing?

What coaching can do for you

Your life matters. 

We're all born with a set of unique gifts and talents that equip us to make a contribution to the world. Then life happens, we get knocked about - and it becomes hard to remember who we truly are, what we stand for. We get caught up in the everyday, in everyone's expectations. We get trapped.

Rediscovering yourself and bringing your life into alignment means finally finding fulfillment. 


Most other coaches focus on getting you what you want - not who you're here to become. You have a solution to bring to this world - and nothing will ever feel quite right until you start creating it.



Natalie is an absolutely FANTASTIC coach! She is a great listener and asks just the right questions to get you thinking about what you REALLY want. I also found our sessions very helpful to think about what next steps to take. 

—  Naima Ritter

What to look for in a coach 


There's a lot of noise in the coaching world - and a lot of it is about money. It's easy to fall for the wrong coach who overpromises - I don't want that for you. 

You're here to make a difference, to create positive impact - not to get the next car, house or handbag (although you can have that, too - because life supports what supports more of life). 

You need a guide who puts impact first, who helps you meet your goals in a way that contributes to the wellbeing of all so you can have integrity and feel good about your life - while you enjoy the lifestyle you desire.

And you need someone who is committed to support you and deliver to the highest standard - and has proven that over a lifetime. Your life is unique - just because someone else has solved a problem for themselves doesn't mean their solution will work for you. Look for people who were trained to support others, not those who just tell you how they did it.

You are the hero of your journey. You get to decide - you don't need to be sold to. 

Hi, I'm Natalie


After working as an environmental lawyer in Germany, a move to New Zealand in 2001 saw me change careers first into corporate consulting and then motherhood.   

Maintaining my passion for sustainability, I transitioned into community sustainability education and facilitation which I did for many years in various roles.

In 2015 I started training in a number of coaching disciplines and graduated as a Robbins-Madanes certified Strategic Intervention Coach in 2017. Since then, I added certifications in NLP, counseling skills - and probably more by the time you read this.

I joined Resolution Institute NZ as a professional member and accredited mediator in 2020. 

So that's the 'official' story... Read the less official one here... 

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Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a coach? 

You don't. Nobody does. And everybody does. A coach supports you in getting clear on your goals, your purpose and your strategies to get there. You can figure out what you need to learn or to grow by yourself - or you can work with someone who has spent years figuring that out already. A great coach is a supportive guide - and while you CAN find your way through LA without a map, it's much easier if you have one. 

How is coaching different from counseling? 

Yes. Counseling is a helping skill that supports you looking back at your experiences and figuring out how they have contributed to where you are today. From there, you might discover new choices. Coaching (mostly) skips the view in the rear vision mirror, because a coach believes there's nothing 'broken' about you - you just need a new focus, create new patterns and more helpful beliefs. Neuroscience has now proven that recounting past events that are challenging increases stress and trauma - and while counseling is starting to adopt some of these new findings - the coaching approach has always been to work to your strengths, not your weaknesses. 'Working through your past' takes a long time (especially if you have a lot of it!) - coaching can get you results a lot more quickly by not dwelling on this step. 

I don't feel ready to 'make an impact' - I don't even feel ready to get on top of my own life! 

I don't either. Most people don't. And most people believe they have to first do, be or achieve x, y or z before they can take action. And for most people, that time never comes. But here's the thing: if you read any autobiography of a person who has made a positive difference in the world - they didn't feel ready either! The difference is - they stopped believing they had to be. There's three good reasons not to wait: 1.) Life is short and precious - and we all have to ask ourselves what we want people at our funeral to say about us 2.) By shifting gears into contribution and impact, you remove all options of continuing to 'just get by'. You commit yourself to growth and progress - and you start BECOMING the person you need to be to get your own life under control. 3.) We are all imperfect human beings - and for most of us, it's our very imperfections that give us our unique edge. What if the very thing you think is stopping you is the thing that will make you most effective? 

Is it even possible to be coached online? Don't you need to be face-to-face to create a relationship?

There are things that can only happen face to face, yes. It's called immersion (watch this space for my upcoming offers!) However, coaching as such is not one of them. This is because the tools and skills involved in coaching can be easily translated to an online space. 2020 has also given most of us the gift of familiarity with video call technology, reducing access barriers around the globe. If you have doubt though - why not try it out by booking a free introductory call?

How am I supposed to afford this? 

I can't answer that for you. But let me ask you this: What would it be worth to you to no longer feel trapped, unfulfilled and like you're in 'the wrong life'? And what would you be willing to give up to make your life one that you can be truly proud of?? - Apart from that, yes, a lot of coaching out there is ridiculously overpriced - and a higher price does NOT necessarily equal better quality. There are a few coaches out there who are setting the standard for coaching and effectiveness - you probably have heard names like Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Rich Litvin (to name some of my favorites) - and yes, they charge premium rates and probably rightfully so. However, most of them also train coaches to deliver results in the same way they do - and these come at much more affordable rates. 



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Join a small community of change makers on a 12 months journey of evolution and growth. Part of Project huΣan3.

First intake May 2021. 



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