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Build strength and resilience

None of us can be the best leaders we can be if our life is in turmoil. If you are navigating change or challenge, I can help you find calm, clarity and healing so you can be back on mission in no time.

Community of likeminded people

You feel like that lone change maker riding through the prairie and the constant feeling of being the odd one out is getting to you? Or you just want to hang out with awesome people while working on yourself and your mission? - Join the village!

Launch an idea or find your "Impact zone"

You know that you want to do SOMETHING that has impact, meaning, makes a difference - but you can't decide, can't seem to get started, or you're unsure how to make it work? Trying to figure out a new career, how to make a living from doing good?

Take Impact to the next level

Already working on the front line of change in your business or career but crave even more impact? Looking for someone who has your back, who pushes you to grow and think even bigger while helping you stay accountable, clear and calm?

You're super passionate about making this world a better place. You stand for people and planet before profit. You are not looking for short-cuts, but are willing to do what it takes to get your result. 

You're an action taker, you focus on solutions, not problems and you are wise enough to know that for the world to change, you must change. You dream big and you don't want to settle for the small stuff because you know there's too much at stake. 

I'm not your usual coach. But you're not like everyone else either.

Hi, I'm Natalie Hormann

Certified Strategic Intervention Coach

If you feel it's time to do MORE, have MORE impact, lead BIGGER change and see results FASTER, you may like to read on.

I work with people who have big compassionate and impossible goals and values of sustainability, equity, social justice and inclusion. People who won't allow their doubt, fear, indecision or overwhelm to stand in the way of doing what they can to turn these values into action.

If you are 

  • tired of always talking about change, but never seeing it happen

  • anxious over or outraged by the injustice, destruction and disconnect that is happening in the world

  • passionate about nature, people and the opportunity for all to thrive

  • excited by the prospect of contributing to others while living a balanced, beautiful and fulfilling life

but you feel unsure what to do about it, where to start, doubt if that's even possible or you feel overwhelmed, tied up in your own stuff or simply lacking the time and energy - I'm here to help free you up so you can do the thing you want to do. 


Whether you are looking for encouragement, support, strategic guidance to more impact, greater emotional resilience:  You have come to the right place.  I'm here to be your sounding board, provide you with proven process, honest feedback, accountability and the occasional reminder how capable you really are. Strategic interventions get you through the rough spots so that you can be back on mission in no time. 

What I can help you with: 

  • Discover your mission - that thing that will make you feel excited and energized and allow you to have the impact and the lifestyle you want

  • Start an impact business or non-profit to alleviate an issue you care about and generate revenue to help magnify your impact. 

  • Accountability, planning and staying on track when developing your big solution, service or product.

  • Overcome inner barriers, such as doubt, overwhelm and anxiety that can get in the way of taking action

  • If you're already a change leader, fine-tune your strategy, your ability to inspire and gain rapport, to deal with adversity and doubt and to show up with the absolute certainty required to influence effectively

  • Get out of 'survival mode' and take care of your health, relationships and finances so you can focus on your mission and contribution

  • Navigate challenging circumstances and adversity and increase your inner resilience 

  • Get sh*t done with absolute focus but without wearing or burning yourself out

Creating positive, sustainable contribution and impact is the best path to personal fulfillment and GRowth there is. 

Natalie is an absolutely FANTASTIC coach! She is a great listener and asks just the right questions to get you thinking about what you REALLY want. I also found it our sessions very helpful to think about what next steps to take. 

- Naima Ritter

When I started with Natalie a couple of months ago as my life coach I thought I wish I'd educated myself more so I could get an environmentalist job, until she helped me realise my strengths, skills and passion and that I already had the tools I needed to make my dream come true. I'm now connected to many ecogroups, done my first public speech which is amazing with how bad my anxiety was and I'm now developing my own organisation creating my dream instead of trying to find it or hope I fall into it magically. Thank you so much Natalie I've been very fortunate to have you as my life coach and thank you universe for connecting us.

- Zane Croft

I´ve worked with Natalie as my Coach, and each session has been a turning point for me. Not only has Natalie listened to me, understood me, held the space for what I needed clarity on, but also each time I´ve come out of our sessions with a clear vision of where I am and what my next steps are, with a clear agenda for set actions and concrete steps I want to take, and with a newly found excitement about what lies ahead. Her support, advice and wisdom have been invaluable support on my journey as a woman entrepreneur. 

- Dance Bake

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