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Experience the fulfilment of living a life you love.

Let me be your guide as you discover how much more is possible for you! 

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What coaching can do for you

Your life matters. 

We're all gifted with a set of unique experiences and talents, with our own dreams and desires. Then life happens, we get knocked about - and sometimes we forget who we truly are, what we truly want. We get caught up in the everyday, in everyone's expectations. We become trapped.

Rediscovering yourself, overcoming limitations and bringing your life into alignment means feeling more fulfillment, bringing back joy and excitement and waking up each day with a sense of gratitude and joy. 

What coaching can do for you


Natalie is an absolutely FANTASTIC coach! She is a great listener and asks just the right questions to get you thinking about what you REALLY want. I also found our sessions very helpful to think about what next steps to take. 

—  Naima Ritter

What to look for in a coach 

What to look for in a coach

There's a lot of noise in the coaching world - and a lot of it is about money. It's hard to figure out who to trust, who can really help you. 

Coaching is a process of self-discovery, one in which you learn to grow your awareness, responsibility and capability so that you can have more of what you want and create a life you love - on your own terms. 

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the coaching world is that your coach should be the 'expert' - expert of what, I wonder? You are the expert of your own life - someone else's experience may not be right for you. So don't look for someone who shares their 'advice' or 'their solution' - look for someone who is trained to help you create, discover and use your own. 

Coaching should make you feel empowered and constantly grow your ability to understand more about yourself, make decisions for yourself and take consistent action. This mostly requires the ability to ask really good questions (with a few helpful tools thrown in here and there). Yes, I can take you through processes that will strengthen your resolve, your mindset, that will help you better understand your options or help you overcome what is holding you back - but the outcome, the decision and the solution must always be yours. 

You are the hero of your journey. Let me be your guide.

Hi, I'm Natalie


After working as an environmental lawyer in Germany, a move to New Zealand in 2001 saw me change careers first into corporate consulting and then motherhood.   

Maintaining my passion for sustainability, I transitioned into community sustainability education and facilitation which I did for many years in various roles.

In 2015 I started training in a number of coaching disciplines and graduated as a Robbins-Madanes certified Strategic Intervention Coach in 2017. Since then, I added certifications in NLP, counseling skills - and probably more by the time you read this.

In 2020 I added to my portfolio by becoming an accredited mediator through Resolution Institute NZ.