Welcome to

Project huΣan3

Where good goes viral.

We can do better. 

We can BECOME better.

Time for an evolution.

Humanity is on the brink of taking this planet down with it.

If we want things to change - we must change. 

The mission

  1. ​Sort ourselves outOvercome our BS, entrapment and limitations through conscious practice, leading edge neuroscience and radical responsibility so we can turn our lives into examples of joy, happiness and deep connection 

  2. Spread good: Every week, find new creative ways to contribute, heal, fix and spread good (the ultimate dopamine hit!) 

  3. Go viral: Transform our communities and organisations to become sustainable, inclusive, healing and equitable 

The assumptions

  • While we struggle with our own survival, pain and wellbeing - we can't adequately take care of others or the world

  • While we are still trapped in a destructive system, we can't be free to creatively design a future we want

  • Struggle is unattractive - unless we can lead by inspiration and role model a desirable way of being, we perpetuate the existing paradigm (of lack, of struggle, of disconnect, of competition, of polarity).

  • If we can imagine a better world, we can create it. 

  • The more we contribute and ACTIVELY do good, the happier we are

  • Good goes viral

  • People will be magnetized towards what is desirable and joyful and move away from what is painful

The plan

  • We create the best possible support and learning environment in which to evolve and support ourselves and each other

  • We upgrade out our minds and our lifestyles to lead effectively through inspiring others and being desirable role models

  • We collaborate and employ the power of our vision and creativity to develop more ways of doing good

  • We take personal development and make it interpersonal

  • We spread these through our communities and organisations using deliberate influence and Jedi powers

  • We scale and repeat. 

Why the spelling?

"huΣan3" is the symbol of a new human identity and a call to action - a call to expand our focus from SELF to the COMMUNITY OF LIFE.

The Σ represents humanity being a part of the sum total of all life, as we hold life in all its expression in active regard and consideration through the power of the unique wisdom of homo sapiens. 


The 3 represents our mission of personal, interpersonal and planetary healing - resulting in life to the power of 3. 

Homo sapiens was named through the observation of being ‘wise’. It is time to become just a bit ‘wisER’, to evolve from homo sapiens (=wise) to homo prudentior (=wiser, forward thinking) - or simply, to become more huΣan3.

The timeline

April 2021

Launch: Next level and huΣan3

Free fortnightly community inspiration calls exploring day-to-day topics of being huΣan3. Book now



Launch: The village

The first cohort of 12 launches into a 12 month personal and interpersonal 'be good, do good' program. Register your interest.



First Immersion

The first in person (or virtual) 3 day immersion to create a new kind of leader

The Manifesto

A draft version

huΣan3s are the NEXT HOP OF EVOLUTION. 

Happier, braver, connected and free


huΣan3s lead the change to a beautiful world



huΣan3s leave behind the fear, scarcity and division our systems are built on

And choose faith, abundance and connection instead


huΣan3s value all life and follow nature’s guidance


huΣan3s take 100% responsibility 


huΣan3s don't blame and don't judge

huΣan3s accept no excuses and make no compromise

They don’t ask for permission or wait for ‘them’ to fix it

They fail forward and accept feedback



care deeply and practice gratitude.


Do good daily.