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Welcome to the village

The village is a virtual community of practice for people learning to THRIVE despite any challenge, CREATE new ways of living, ALIGN with nature and CONTRIBUTE to a better world for all

If you are here, you have inside of you a force that is ready to shift. You are on the brink of breaking through to a new way of being that is free, whole, and in harmony with the world. 

You are ready to be more huΣan3. 

You are ready to leave behind the anxiety, worry and dissatisfaction that has you feeling empty, burnt out, unfulfilled and powerless.

You are ready to look for more meaning, more ways to make a difference. You want to build a life that is beautiful, inspiring and utterly peaceful. 

You are ready to get rid of the BS that has been holding you hostage and the destructive momentum of the systems surrounding us.

You're ready to get out of the Matrix. 

You are ready to say 'fuck this' loudly and strongly enough to start diverting from the beaten track and to never return.

But alone, you feel overwhelmed. You lack trust in yourself - and you are not sure where to start. You take one step forward, two steps back and somehow time passes and you're still here. You're doing what you can, but you're not going where you can't. 

You wish you had a plan or someone to help you untangle yourself from not quite following through. You wish you had the courage to step out and lead by example. You wish you had more impact.

And you crave for a supportive community of friends walking alongside you. 

We're here.

A community of change.

We help you make the changes in your life that will make your life more connected, happier, healthier and whole.

We help you overcome the level of thinking that created this planetary mess in the first place and put you into a state of being from which you can solve it. 

We help you walk the walk of the wise warrior so that you can lead the transition into a world that is equitable and life sustaining for all. 

And together, we inspire each other, learn from each other and hold each other accountable. 


What is the 'village'? 

The village is a virtual gathering place for those who are willing to embrace the journey of becoming more huΣan3 in their desire to create a world that is more sustainable and equitable. 

It teaches the awareness, the skills and tools you need to successfully thrive as homo prudentior (a 'wiser' human), become an example to others and be the change you want to see. 

Together we take on this evolutionary hop in the acknowledgement that we are entering a territory that is unknown, embracing as truth that we won’t know every answer, but committing to the search and the journey, even if our destination is not yet fully known.




When should you join the village? 

  • If you are looking for a place that inspires hope and positivity in this time of converging crises

  • If you are looking to be part of an active, supportive and diverse global community of like-minded people

  • If you are working on setting life and lifestyle goals and making choices or reviewing existing ones

  • If you want to create total alignment in your life across your values, your purpose, your relationships, your work and any other area of your life

  • If you want to learn how to strengthen your mental, emotional and physical resilience

  • If you want to test ideas, get feedback and hear about other people's ideas

  • If you want to practice the 'huΣan3 way'

  • If you look for support during big life changes 

  • If you want to get out of the 'matrix' and would like support for working on creating new systems, organisations and structures that make the old ones obsolete


What will I learn in the village? 

In the village, you'll learn how to

  • Find happiness and fulfillment even in the face of adversity

  • Overcome fears, depression or anxiety and everything that currently holds you back from being truly yourself

  • Create the time and financial freedom in your life that allows you to live sustainably and in harmony with planet

  • Gain personal resilience to easily cope with whatever life may throw at you

  • Discover your untapped sources of power so that you can create your destiny

  • Live well as a leader and example to others in the context of humanity and the world

  • Change any condition that you identify as harmful or hurtful to yourself, others or the planet

  • Discover and enact your contribution to the world and create fulfillment. 

  • Create a lifestyle and livelihood that allows you to thrive in a holistic sense without impacting the ability of others to also thrive

  • Explore extensively new ways and new choices of being, experiment with new ways of doing just about everything: relationships, health, parenting, work while being in a supported environment

  • Design a life for yourself that is in total alignment with the world and who you your really are at your core

  • Build a village of support and connection around you - end loneliness and isolation and reverse the illusion of separation

  • Be part of the creation of a new paradigm and system to supercede the remnants of what we created from a place of being ‘only human’.

What you'll get when joining the village

Upon joining, you'll get access to 

  • A community of support that is as committed to growth as you are 

  • A weekly group zoom call with Natalie, exploring the mental and physical shifts we need to make to become more huΣan3. 

  • A monthly live 'campfire' session, where you can ask questions, share challenges and connect with others. 

  • Access to a growing library of training modules covering progressive lifestyle, personal development, relationships, change leadership, finances, relationships and many more. 

  • Coaching questions, thought prompts and support 

  • Peer support, networking and introductions to other members in your area

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