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Self Mastery I & II

Are you ready to create a life you truly love? 

Your journey begins on the inside - how much more would you be able to do and enjoy in life if you were able to master your emotional state, truly know what motivates you, what fills you up and tap into that any time you want? How much better would life be if you were able to leave behind the anxiety and stress and experience more gratitude and appreciation instead? How much more love, friendship and success would you be able to enjoy if you were truly fulfilled? 

What you will experience

What Self-Mastery has helped me do and can help you do, too: 

  • Overcome my clinical anxiety, health anxiety and depression for good

  • Use my emotions to support the outcomes I wish to see

  • Gain full clarity over my values, goals and purpose/passion

  • Communicate authentically and compassionately

  • Take responsibility for my life, set goals and achieve them

  • Meet my health and physical fitness goals despite chronic health issues

  • End emotional drama and free my energy from struggle

  • Turn around difficult life circumstances and optimize them to achieve my desired outcome

  • Navigate and improve difficult relationships

  • Feel confident in myself and my ability to deal with difficulty

  • Experience fulfilment and achievement in my work and mission

  • Re-invent my life and career several times, at different stages of life

  • Create a strong sense of inner resilience and guidance

  • Let go of procrastination, people pleasing and insecurity

  • End my social media addiction

  • Gain full control over my time

  • Be happy with who I am, end self-sabotage 

What's included

8 weekly training modules per course

All implementation guides and materials

Weekly LIVE coaching calls with your coach and your (small) team 

Your personal dashboard to track your progress

Full membership in your team group chat

What makes this program different?  

  • This is NOT just an online training course (which you never complete). All Project Human courses are HYBRID programs where you receive video training AND individualized implementation help through LIVE group coaching calls. Every week you have the opportunity to share, ask questions and IMPLEMENT with your coach and tribe. 

  • This is NOT a mass production - you enter this journey together with a small group of people who will become your community. They will be in every one of your coaching group sessions. You can keep in touch daily through the group chat. You can ask them questions in the forum. They will become your second family. 

  • This is NOT an "anonymous zebra". You will work directly with your coach who will get to know you and support you throughout your journey. You can ask them questions directly and speak with them on your live zoom calls. You will not be one of hundreds, you are one of a group of maximum 12. 

  • This is NOT just about you. Project Human is about changing the world - and you will begin to do so from the VERY FIRST DAY you join. With guidance from your coach and your team, you will give back to the world around you and experience the sheer joy of contribution and nature connection every step of the way.

  • You can journey as far as you wish - Project Human courses are modular and designed to build on another - travel for 2 months, 4 months or for an entire year. 

Pay in full

(8 weeks per course)



(price listed in US$)

What does it cost to join?

Self Mastery I and Self Mastery II are two separate, consecutive 8 week programs (16 week total). Book one or both.  Successful completion of Self Mastery I is required for enrolment in Self-Mastery II. 

Payment plan 

8 weekly


of $150

per course

(price listed in US$)

Next intake:

Coming soon

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