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Welcome to

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Where good goes viral.

Welcome to the first comprehensive personal development program that transforms not just you, but also the world around you.

Humanity is entering a new and crazy world. Some will thrive in this environment, some will even shine as inspiring leaders, improving the lives of many people.

And some will be left behind to keep living the old story.


The only thing that remains the same is change. 

You don't have to choose between your values and your lifestyle.

You can change the world by your inspiration. 

The world needs more inspiring people.

The journey

Self MASTERY I Self Mastery II

2 x 8 week foundation course: eliminate the negative behaviour and thinking patterns that keep you trapped. Master your emotions and experience joy every day. Take charge of your health by eliminating procrastination, indecision and creating a new identity. Learn to read and understand others and improve your communication.

Relationship Mastery

12 week advanced course: Your intimate relationship influences how you feel, wouldn't you agree? By creating more love and passion in your relationship, you add fuel to your life. Whether you have found your dream partner or whether he/she is still to come - understand how to create lasting love and keep it! 


12 week advanced course: Learn advanced goal setting, communication and leadership skills to advance your true mission. Find fulfillment in living your purpose and create success by improving  your performance, time management and productivity. Use the most advanced psychological tools to achieve high-performance in way that doesn't compromise your wellbeing and work/life balance.

Impact mastery

12 week advanced course: Now that you have made your life exactly how you want it to be, it is time to touch the world with your magic. Learn how to grow your influence and impact, expand your reach and create a ripple effect that leaves a legacy you can be proud of. We all can change the world in big ways or small - find your unique kind of awesome and learn how to change lives! 


Transformational coaching for people who care about the world

Isn't insane? Here we are - in a world that's going through pandemics, climate change, economic crises. We are more disconnected from each other than ever, in a world that is more connected than ever before. 

And over there are the people on instagram, talking about money, success, travel and green smoothies - while selling you fitness programs, diet plans and the latest 'get rich quick' scheme. 

And the 'gurus' telling you how you can be more successful, productive, happy... as if they were living on a different planet.

And in the middle of it all is you, trying to make sense of it. Feeling overwhelmed, utterly confused, powerless and at times outright anxious. You don't know if you're headed in the right direction - whether you're doing the right thing: with your work, your family, your life choices. 

And while you're actually doing 'ok' and being successful on the outside, you feel empty and kind of dead on the inside. You can't shake the feeling that there's something else. You feel like you are constantly reassigning seats at a wedding. Days run into weeks, run into months, run into years - and somehow you have a sense there's something you need to do, but you can't figure out what it is and you're scared of doing something too radical. And you find yourself questioning everything - your life, your relationship, your work. 


You worry that one day soon, your children will ask you "When did you know about the climate? About the social injustices? And what did you do?"   

You feel lost and full of grief sometimes - and quite alone. 

I know the feeling. 

Here are some truths I have discovered: 

To change others or the world, you have to change yourself first. To lead others, you have to lead yourself first.

"Just being yourself" is selling yourself short. Who you are is who you decide to be. 

You have to learn to feel good no matter what, so you can lead change with certainty, resilience and inspiration. Struggle is very unattractive, except to those who will use it to increase their own status.

Your ideas matter, and you can make them happen if you can BECOME the person to make them happen. 

You won't do anything if you are not feeling safe, confident, resourceful and happy. 

You also won't do anything if you are not feeling concerned, worried, angry and sad at times. Your emotions are fuel. Use them wisely and strategically.

You have to get comfortable about feeling everything to create change and feel alive. 

You have to break through a lot of your BS, your fear and your overwhelm to actually create a life that matters to you and others. You have to commit to growing faster than the challenges you face. 

Success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure. 

The only limitation to achieving what you want is your beliefs around why you can't have it. 

The challenges of this time are worthy opponents. They deserve for the best of us to bring out the best in us. 

Happiness comes from contribution and service - and it changes the world. 

Seeking purpose is a false target. Our purpose is to have a human experience. What determines our happiness are passion and decisions.

None of us need to do it all. Our sense of achievement comes from creating momentum and progress. 

Creating change is no goal, there is nowhere to get to. Change is a natural constant. It is our ability to dream that can direct it. 

Change can happen in heartbeat, but to uncover it, you need insight. And to sustain it, you need support.

You are in the right place. 

Let me guide you towards building a life where you will change the world by your example.

How does it work? 

By joining Project Inspire, you embark on a journey towards self-improvement, love, fulfilment and contribution that also improves the world around you (an added bonus!). Whether you complete just one stage or travel all the way to the end, you will see improvements in your wellbeing, mindset, energy, relationships, finances and satisfaction and create momentum towards creating a life you can be proud of in a world you can love. 

All stages of your journey include the following: 

  • Weekly, topic-by-topic training sessions, teaching you a new skill or forging a new insight each week. These you get to work through in your own time. 

  • Weekly, coach supported LIVE zoom sessions with your cohort of friends where you get to ask questions, integrate learnings in a peer-supported environment and share your success (1 hr/week)

  • Membership in a facilitated peer group where you can keep in touch (daily if you wish!) about your progress, successes and learning. We deliberately keep these groups small to allow for friendship, fun and open sharing

  • Access to all supporting implementation guides, worksheets, links and more. 

What is the good-good quadrant?

The 'good-good' quadrant is building a life that is good for you AND good for the world. 

A life that has you so incredibly happy, wholesome, fulfilled and confident that can be an inspiration to others and make a positive difference in the world. Read more 

The most elegant way to change the world
is by being an inspiration.

More on Project Inspire: 

The Mission:

  1. ​Sort ourselves out: Overcome our BS, entrapment and limitations through conscious practice, leading edge neuroscience and radical responsibility so we can turn our lives into examples of joy, happiness and deep connection 

  2. Spread good: Find new creative ways to contribute, heal, fix and spread good (the ultimate dopamine hit!) 

  3. Go viral: Transform our communities and organisations to become sustainable, inclusive, healing and equitable 

The assumptions

  • While we are caught up in our own suffering - we can't adequately take care of others or the world

  • Until we we let go of what is holding us back, we can't be free to creatively design a future we want

  • Struggle is unattractive - unless we can lead by inspiration and role model a desirable way of being, we are contributing to the problem (of lack, of struggle, of disconnect, of competition, of polarity).

  • If we can imagine a better world, we can create it. 

  • The more we contribute and ACTIVELY do good, the happier we are

  • Good goes viral

  • People will be magnetized towards what is desirable and joyful and move away from what is painful

The plan

  • We create the best possible support and learning environment in which to evolve and support ourselves and each other

  • We upgrade out our minds and our lifestyles to lead effectively through inspiring others and being desirable role models

  • We collaborate and employ the power of our vision and creativity to develop more ways of doing good

  • We take personal development and make it interpersonal

  • We spread these through our communities and organisations using deliberate influence and Jedi powers

  • We scale and repeat. 

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