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Addressing conflict proactively and peacefully through coaching supported mediation

Father and Son

Helping you create sound parenting agreements after separation

Family Mediation

Relationship Mediation

Resolve conflict in personal and family relationships. Avoid divorce / separation and rebuild connection.

In a Meeting

Workplace mediation

Resolve workplace disputes and build more productive teams

Conflict coaching

Can't get the other side to the table? Conflict coaching will help you resolve conflict unilaterally

Conflict is part of everyday life - at home, in relationships, in families, in the workplace and in the community. While nobody likes confrontations, leaving conflict unaddressed often leads to undesired consequences, including permanent loss of relationships or workplaces, break up of teams or families and significant financial loss. In family situations, conflict between separated or separating parents can have profound and lasting impact on children and their wellbeing. Conflict also has severe impact on personal wellbeing and health with flow on effects on surrounding communities. 

Even though it may be uncomfortable in the moment, becoming proactive about conflict resolution has the potential to 

  • restore or maintain relationships, such a positive co-parenting relationships for the long term

  • prevent separation or divorce by removing stressors and permanently improving communication and understanding

  • eliminate many work place or personal stressors, leading to improvements in health and sense of wellbeing

  • give children the experience of positive co-parenting and parental stability even when there's high emotion

  • maintain more control over the outcome vs. a court / legal procedure

  • learn and apply important communication skills with flow on effects on career success and improvement of other relationships

  • lead to greater buy-in and follow through on the agreements reached and less compliance costs

  • significant time and cost savings over court procedures. 

Mediation focuses on supporting all parties equally to navigate conflict skillfully, have difficult conversations in a facilitated environment, explore options they previously couldn't see and thus make a well informed decision. Mediation is a structured process and agreements reached in mediation can be validated by a court to become a binding contract/agreement. 

Conflict coaching can involve working with one OR all parties and support them dealing with conflict situations in a more empowered way outside of a formal mediation process. Even if the other party does not agree to mediation, conflict coaching can help break through conflict situations through the flow-on effects of enhanced communication skills, improved self-management and by exploring options with the coach as a proxy for the other party. Many conflicts can be unhinged simply by someone 'going first'. 

Coaching supported mediation blends the formal mediation process with coaching interventions from the qualified mediator, helping both parties equally to enhance their communication, build greater awareness of self and each other and access and maintain a state of positivity, creativity and growth that facilitates win-win outcomes.

Natalie is an accredited Mediator and professional member of Resolution Institute New Zealand. She draws on both on her legal background and her coaching skills, in particular strategic intervention and NLP, to facilitate resolution. 

For a no-obligation, confidential conversation about your conflict resolution needs, please contact Natalie by emailing or call +64 21 0381665.

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